Let’s Make a List.

It has to be said. Even while I am aware of the connotations; and some may very well think it an odd thing to say.

Well I say circumstances call for it.

So then.

…….Let’s make a list.

It is time.

This is one job that needs to be done. A. S.A.P too. Time is of the essence.

It is the only way to gauge the strength of the MAGA movement inside the GOP; one name at a time.

It is time for the who’s who of who stands where.

It is time to separate the traitors and fakers; from the real deals.

So you think you know all the names of the RINO’s. Are you quite sure about that? Then you should dig deeper.

What about those elected on a conservative ticket with the help of suspect backers; whose interests do they represent?

Then we have the recent Trump-De Santos affair that has been splashed all over the media.

The lets dump Trump trope came thick and fast from all sides; RHINO’s, Never Trumpers, the Lincoln Project, Dems and fake MAGA’s. Oh and don’t forget the Intel bots and the paid operatives.

And that was just in the comments sections.

I believe there are more compromisers in the GOP than we realize and this is why a review is in order. By compromisers I mean those sold out to the dark side of big money, their influence and politics. This includes those who hobnob with the opposition on the quiet; or work to support their goals. Then there are those who sell out for personnel ambition. Politicians and grift go hand in hand; it’s the nature of the beast.

Sometimes they feel emboldened enough to out themselves as they take a side.

Lieutenant Governor of Virginia and Republican, Winsome Sears has been doing the TV show rounds rubbishing Trump; saying how she won’t vote for him in 2024.

This is a woman who was elected on the back of MAGA voters. She is a De Santos supporter and word has it she is looking ahead to secure a future promotion in a De Santos Administration?

And just in case anyone missed it De Santos has sold out and bats for the RHINO’s. It may even have been this way from the start. What do we know of him except he rode the coattails of Trump?

Then what about the RINO’s who remain in the party hidden from plain sight?

One way might be to force a confrontation in the GOP in the hope the battle lines will be drawn.

Now here is what I mean when I say Rhino’s work with the opposition. We learn House Dems are scheming to influence the vote for Speaker of the House in the GOP.

Current Speaker Kevin McCarthy is trying to cut a deal with the Dems to bypass a vote in the Freedom Caucus. And to perpetuate the influence of the RHINO’s.

Once the list is done and it is known on which side everyone stands that is the time to show the compromised the door.

There is no need for the untarnished to leave.

Let the corrupt go and start a new party. If they at a loss for a name ‘The Vassals’ is a nice fit.

How about the Democrat Party Adjunct; it has an apt ring to it don’t you think? It is also is the way they function.


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Ann Carriage

Political animal, interested in the story behind the story. A concepts driven individual.