Bioethics brought you Liberal Abortion Laws.

Just let me say this right off the bat. America is the only country in the world that allows abortion up until birth. And in some cases even after. That is right you heard me!

As bad as partial birth abortion is, they do not even try to hide it now; just study the new liberal abortion laws to see what I mean.

You might not know this but the views of bioethicists have had a major impact on abortion laws.

As the name suggests; it’s a philosophy which takes issues that relate to biology and medicine and combines them with ethics.

In 1996 a Princeton bioethicist by the name of Peter Sanger wrote a book titled; Rethinking Life and Death.

In it he panned the thinking that the fetus is not alive saying; it is a resort to a convenient fiction that turns an evidently living being into one that legally is not alive. Instead of accepting such fictions, we should recognize that the fact that a being is human, and alive.

So far so good he gets it, but wait here is the unbelievable part.

He goes on; the fact it is alive does not itself tell us whether it is wrong to take that being’s life.

Then he went down the road of justifying both abortion and infanticide.

This was followed by a paper in the Journal of Medical Ethics in 2012 titled; After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?”

“We should all acknowledge that “the fact that a being is human, and alive” tells us nothing about the morality of abortion; or of after-birth abortion.

Note the peculiar way that they sell infanticide. They call it after-birth abortion.

They end with; because no evaluative conclusion can be inferred from purely factual premises –it is a proposition, not of ethics, but of logic.

Look we know reason flew the coup in western societies long ago so we should expect thinking like this. Still it never ceases to astonish.

Their take is that logic and morality cannot go hand in hand; the two must be separated because they mutually exclusive.

This is the reason society has gone pear-shaped; when logic goes morality is sure to follow; it is not a difficult concept to grasp. Lay the blame at the door of the skeptics who killed reason and caused everything to snowball from there.

The west, the US in particular, is terminally morally ill and you need to look no further than at the furor over the Supreme Court Leak of Roe Vs Wade. Abortion is like a drug and supporters have to have their fix or they become completely unhinged.

The Culture of Death certainly has an obsession with death. I suppose it is only fitting in a macabre kind of way. Women will die if they cannot kill their fetuses; so the fetuses must die. It is like some sort of bizarre sacrifice.

Bioethicists claim birth does nothing to change the moral status of a developing human.

What makes the difference they say; between a person and something that isn’t a person must be something to do with the capacities and abilities of a person.

Although how and by what authority they get to decide this is anyone’s guess.

And why kill humans before they can become in their words ‘persons’ anyway.

In any case the feature of being born alive to a human mother does not — according to them — fit the bill… or make them a human person.

Many bioethicists argue there is no moral difference between late term fetuses and new born babies. They are right but at the same time it is the slippery slope. Like why is infanticide wrong then?

They also believe there is no inherent dignity to a human life that must be respected; also called the “quality of life ethic.”

Medically speaking the only difference between a fetus at three months gestation and one at nine months gestation is weight and size. In other respects they are exactly the same. It is a matter of proportion that is all.

Here’s the bottom line: Once human life is denigrated as morally irrelevant; what difference does birth make? The question answers itself.




I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous

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Cheryl Ann

Cheryl Ann

I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous

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