Big Tech Pioneer Jack Dorsey a Target since he fled the Woke Camp.

Ann Carriage
3 min readSep 12


When Big Tech founder and former CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey shared that it was a mistake to allow Wall Street to buy into the company from the beginning; his disillusioned state of mind was plain for the whole world to see.

His dilemma was this public platform had developed a life all of its own, not in a good way and contrary to what he intended. He did not like it; but did not quite know what to do about it. As the company’s CEO he would have been attuned to the problem. The big problem behind the scenes no one else knew of. There were all those clandestine meetings he had with the bankers and representatives of certain branches of the US government. Then there was the censorship of voices not aligned with the left and/or the establishment.

We picked up the vibe all was not well in Twitter land. This was BEFORE we learned of its underhanded dealings. Look everyone who was honest knew Twitter leaned far left. It’s enough to say they have been really teed-off since they lost control of the platform. They were doubly teed-off when Elon Musk bought the company. Man what is it with these people? Anyone would think it is personal, and to them it is. Now the shills you can understand as for the rest of them? No matter. It is safe to say it has been war on ever since.

The idea that new broom Musk would sweep the whole mess clean was more than they could stand.

Dorsey wanted out but he did not want to resign and run. He did not want the problem to perpetuate he wanted a fresh start. With someone else at the helm.

The thing is it was Jack Dorsey who managed to convince Elon Musk to buy Twitter. He sought him out this is a fact. Now if this wasn’t a little bit of a clue that just maybe his ideas were a-changing I don’t know what would be. Or by chance did he become that rare breed which as of now no longer exists; you know the non-partisan kind. What can I say I have admired Dorsey since then? Okay maybe for one or two other reasons as well.

And so it was only a matter of time before he stepped up to the plate; to make himself a target.

He is now the CEO of Just recently he began to repost the contents of truth tellers. The next thing we know his huge payment platform had become a target in a major cyber-attack. This was no coincidence of this you can be sure.

One MSM article was quite clear; this act was a revenge attack against Jack Dorsey. With its mock tone and all.

Their snide comment about the company’s IT guys being slow to detect the problem was one of them. Then it panned big payment platform owners and executives for not factoring in power outages; of all things.

Oh and those right-wing articles Dorsey reposted did not go unnoticed by them either.



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