The Ides of March; US Colour Revolution Begins in Georgia.

Ann Carriage
2 min readMar 9, 2023

It looks as if a second Maidan-type revolution is playing out at this moment. Only this time round it is in Georgia. Yes this is all we need, another US backed colour revolution and it could not have come at a worse time. The defiance is on full display. They do this as the world watches they just don’t care. It is hubris like you won’t believe. One thing we can say US actions are predictable if nothing else.

Protestors are being paid to step it up; with Ukraine refugees’ a big part of the fray. The plan is to open up a second war front against Russia.

Protests kicked off after the Georgian parliament passed a bill that defines NGO’s, and media who receive more than 20% of their funding from abroad, as foreign agents.

You could say it is the foreign agents, and we know who they are and where they from; who are the ones doing the protesting.

Yet the US has what they call the Foreign Agents Registration Act and it outlaws the same things that Georgia looks to.

Rules for me but not for thee it is then.

The funny part was when EU diplomat Borrell urged Georgia to uphold its commitment to democracy. Oh you funny man. The only thing you defending is the right of foreign agents to do as they wilt. As in plunder countries. I loathe how these people frame things.

He went on to embarrass himself further saying; the draft law on foreign agents is incompatible with the values of the EU. And at odds with Georgia’s quest to join the EU. Or something like that. Well then the values of the EU are up their a** and no self-respecting nation would want to join with them.

Seriously though why do they want to join the EU?

While the president of Georgia is missing in action; and is visiting the US right now. You could not make this sh** up if you tried. And guess what? Word has it he has promised to veto the Georgian law against foreign agents.

Note that the law passed with an overwhelming majority of 76 votes for to 13 against.

Now for a statement from the US State Department; and no I am not kidding.

Spokesman Ned Price says; those responsible for cracking down on the protests in Georgia could be subject to US sanctions. We have a range of tools to hold anyone in any country accountable for interfering with what is a universal human right.

We have travelled this road before; 2014 was it? Or 2008 in Georgia’s case.



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