Austria has a New Chancellor

Sebastian Kurz resigned three days ago due to his being named one of the targets in a bribery investigation; and with his view to avert a political crisis.

Kurz and his close associates stand accused of buying influence with public funds, all to secure his rise to leadership.

Although he is stepping down as chancellor, he is keeping his role as party leader and the head of the parliamentary group; which keeps him at the heart of Austrian politics; while he fights the corruption allegations.

The country’s new premier is 52 year old Alexander Schallenberg; the former foreign minister.

Kurz insists this is a political smear campaign against him, as do his conservative People’s Party (OVP)

He could be right.

His ousting has been already been called (or mocked) as a blow to Europe’s center right which tells you a lot right there.

Put it this way when you read about a conservative outfit’s dubious connections to mobsters slash Russian oligarchs close to Putin it should raise a red flag; it certainly does for me.

Even more so when the accusers hail from certain elite or left wing publications.

Another thing is Kurz is very popular with the general public; having being voted in as Chancellor twice, also its strange how it’s always parties to the right who are linked with corruption? Coincidence or not?

So Kurz was probably astute in resigning to avert a motion of no confidence that might have seen his party loose power.

This way affords him the opportunity to sort it all out and return to battle another day.