Are the Elites heading Off to Bunkers Right Now?

Ann Carriage
1 min readNov 6, 2023

At first it was Benjamin Netanyahu beating a path to a secluded private bunker in Israel now others are doing the same thing; that is if one is to believe this story.

Now a report on November 2 claims that the US government is going underground as VIP jets take off from their base in DC to their Cheyenne Mountain bunkers.

The source of their info comes from a tape posted to a US veteran’s forum. It is said it appears legitimate but really who knows? The poster ends off by saying; they putting government into bunkers.

His voice trembles as he describes what he sees going on.

So far the report has been unable to verify his claims but there you go.

If he is right one thing is for sure time is of the essence.

With a map in the background the poster continues; since I spoke to you guys last 8 more flights have taken off to the doomsday bunker in the Cheyenne Mountains.

A Doomsday plane took off 45 minutes ago. While a nuclear Commander Control plane took off just 22 minutes ago.



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