Another Insider Revelation

Just what is going on? 9/11 deep state operatives are starting to sing like canaries, no doubt to the chagrin of the guilty; must be something in the air.

Pepe Escobar’s profile reads; US deep state insider, old school, top clearance, extremely discreet.

He claims he attended secret deep state meetings on 9/11, mentioning off the cuff that he’s tired of all the lies.

He attended an emergency phone conference in the early afternoon of 9/11 about World Trade Center building number 7, detonated later that day.

He goes on to provide the real reasons behind the biggest terrorist attack on the US, and debunks the popular myths in the process.

He breaks it all down in bullet points, some of what he says was suspected as much by 9/11 truth seekers; other bits of info they may not know, all in all it’s a lucky packet.

So then; see how many boxes you can tick off, test how astute your theories were:

. No plane hit Building Number Seven. The CIA was brought in to cover it up. They set up failed asset Bin laden to blame as misdirection, and then pulled the plug on Building Number Seven.

. The CIA doctored boarding tapes to show Arabs entering the planes. .

. CIA (Arabists) knew if we blamed Osama, who was innocent of 9–11, Afghanistan’s Mullah Omar would not give him up in violation of the laws of Islamic hospitality. Mullah Omar requested evidence: then he would turn Osama over. Of course, we did not want that.

. The Afghanistan heroin war was justified by 9–11. No one in Afghanistan was involved in 9/11. No member of Islam was involved. We invaded Afghanistan for only one purpose, which was to restart heroin production shut down by a righteous act of Mullah Omar.

. CIA heroin plantations in Afghanistan funded external, clandestine operations and lined some important people’s pockets, common practice when the CIA ran the heroin operation in the Golden Triangle.

. It was never in the U.S. strategic interest to lay a curse on Islam in the West. 9–11 was a kind of Gulf of Tonkin false flag operation justifying a war on Islam and the invasion of Iraq, followed by other invasions of Islamic nations.

. The Taliban did not know we lured Russia into Afghanistan. With Iraq invaded over a new falsity, the neocons created a war of hatred against Islam.

. The apex of the U.S. command structure is not the presidency. It’s the Deep State. I use that term even though we did not as it is commonly used.

I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous