Anarchy comes to the US this year.

Ann Carriage
2 min readMay 28, 2024

We hear of dire predictions for the US but this is not all; now we told this is the year when the rubber will meet the road.

Most of you will no doubt recoil at such a grim message of doom and gloom but still. Yes there will be troubles on both the global and domestic fronts though it’s the latter we will look at for now.

One prophetic voice has a message and it is this. Anarchy is on the way. Now that is a scary word and who would take it lightly.

While the more political will see it in terms of the November elections they could be right. It may well be the catalyst for what is to come. We all have question like what if Donald Trump wins the elections. And will this be the signal for the left to act; most of all will it end in violent push back?

Of course it might not get that far if you know what I mean. No, well let me prod you then. Can you say the O word? As in O for obstruction. Such as through lawfare or large scale election fraud.

What is interesting is this watchman on the wall does not weigh in on the US’s two parties’ horse race at all.

Here is what he does say though.

He points out anarchy in this instance does not only mean violence. It means the collapse of the entire system. Where the life folks have known for so long and how they understand it will be no more? The whole lot has to die for something else to replace it.

Here is his message.

You (America) are at the precipice of full-blown anarchy. Lawlessness will explode in your city streets as all systems of government fail. The agitators, provocateurs and destroyers are in place and have been handed their assignment. They are just waiting for the signal. That assignment of course is to dismantle the system.

You won’t be able to fight wars within and without. You will have to choose between world dominance or defending what is left of your country. You will choose to preserve it but your fight will be fruitless. You will be overrun by enemies.

On that sombre note I will wrap it up for now.



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