American Apocalypse Now

Ann Carriage
2 min readFeb 23, 2024


The signs are there for eyes to see and ears to hear for those who so inclined. The scene is set as the huge cast take their places in the first act of the big finale. All that is left to do is to wait for the call; lights, camera action.

Like they say the first big step is to acknowledge that there is a problem. To those who think it is just a case of carry on trucking there is nothing to say is there?

What is staring at Americans in the face is the invasion at its borders. In some quarters they refer to them as undocumented citizens even. Yep this is how one news source calls it. They citizens-to-be on the move; so move over, there is a good fellow. And make a gangway please. Note that all this takes place in the opening act.

Corruption is through the roof where ever one cares to take a look. Enmity rules.

Add rapid cultural change read decline to a lack of cohesion at national level; and tell me what you left with. A coming apart at the seams is what.

At the global level the US is like a magician. It tries to conjure as many balls (of war) in the air as it can muster; all at the same time.

What this all means is something has got to give. And sooner rather than later too.

Despite the internal quagmire that is the US of A here is a fact many may miss. The war against NATO is on the way. Yes I used italics in case you miss it. And this will be it; the big finale folks.

Why? Well it ends 78 years of rule by Pax Americana. The post WW2 NWO will draw to a close. It ends once NATO is forced out of Europe.

If those old exiles from the USSR are to be believed this was the last goal of the plan. Oh but the world has changed since then I hear you splutter, and so? If you believe the world is in a constant state of flux this should mean it can change right back again, so it should resonate then.

Or do you only believe it when suits you?

Maybe like the ostrich your head was in the sand and your never paid attention.



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