Allies Make or Break the Culture Wars.

Ann Carriage
3 min readDec 3, 2023


Like you I have lost count of the times that arguments to do with gays end up being about women, blacks or Muslims.

It works exactly the same way in reverse. It doesn’t matter what group it starts or ends with the trajectory is the same all of the time. When it’s argued that these groups are different and so are their issues it falls on deaf ears. Howls that they use a false equivalency do not deter them. It is as if they tone deaf. Maybe but it has more to do with how they programmed and how they try to program others.

Yes these groups make up a protected class. You have to remember allies make up a central part of the plot so mum is the word. And so the arguments they bring to the table don’t have to make sense. They are not the point anyway.

For people who claim to hate boxes of all sorts they love those of the prescribed self-identifying kind. But back to the script; what they are doing is conditioning folk’s minds to see these groups as one and the same.

Just think of Pavlova’s dog. Or mind association? Do you see it? Though it seems there is even more method in their madness.

The bigger plan is to call to action a collection of oppressed groups, malcontents really, to mobilize against what they see as a monolithic oppressor. In this case it is white conservative men and women; though it is not confined to them. It does include all who think like them though.

It is all about one’s worldview and whether it is at odds and sods with the one they are determined to push on us. It is not new though; in fact it is not an idea at all. It is a tactic.

With its seedy origins tied up in another time and place it still strikes a chord in the here and now.

Take two what appear to be opposite groups and use them to attack a third to drive change forward is what we know as the scissors method of warfare.

You need to think of organized crime, gang warfare and political revolution. They have more than a good few strategies in common.

The scissors method has evolved over time it seems to be. Only with identity politics the number of blades (or sides) is more. Think of Edward Scissors Hands to get the picture.

Factor in the feminist movement or those groups in the massive LGBTQI+ stable; and the same band of allies of both.

Whither those minority groups hey? I’ll say! So these are the attack dogs and the real monolith in the scheme of things.

We get a bird’s eye view of what it looks like when long-held alliances break down. Like over the Trans issue. The spoilers have been rebranded as Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists or TERF’s and they have been said to jump ship; only to join forces with those others. You know like the Nazi’s and what have you. JK Rowling is quoted as having said; times change……but women hate is eternal. Well they did hate men of a certain kind for a long time if you recall. Plot twist! So now it is the women’s turn.

Read between the lines with the play on the word radical with regard to the feminist movement. Do they finally admit to it having been a con job from the start?

Even though there is disagreement over the Trans issue, it won’t stop progressives from voting the way they always do. They are too caught up in the prism of their own ideology to do otherwise.

Are the too biggest allies gay women and gay men? The first two letters L and G of the queer alphabet soup surely hint at something in this vein.

It’s strange how people are so cagey that they can’t call it what it is.



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