All Roads Lead to Durham.

As John Durham sets out to prove there was indeed a conspiracy by Hillary Clinton and posse to defame Donald Trump, the then sitting president of the United States; so we left to ponder on what comes next.

I am mentally connecting all the dots as I write, so it is time for me to step back, gather my thoughts and recap.

I tell you something; I am convinced all roads lead to Durham. And Durham connects to all roads.

Let’s cast our minds back to 2016; months before the election of Donald Trump. That was quite the year if you recall.

A few years before this, Dems endorsed the Pied Piper strategy; they threw their weight behind supporting candidates from the conservative wing of the Republican Party from well behind the scenes; hoping to work it to their advantage.

The first we heard of it was in Hillary Clinton’s released emails.

To give some idea of how the strategy played out in the 2012 elections, ads were secretly financed by one Dem senator in support of a flawed Republican candidate; and it worked. The Dem won.

If it sounds like political foul play it is but there you have it.

The tactic backfired in 2016; once WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange publicized Clinton’s emails it was the end of the line for her. They revealed how Hillary and her partner in crime John Podesta plotted against conservatives; it rallied the troops, they even gained a fair number of Dem defectors in the process. And the rest as they say is history.

Now here is something to chew on and it may help to explain a lot. Clinton was the Democrats sole presidential candidate; there was no one else to pick.

While she had the support of ordinary voters, top Dem donors and DNC movers and shakers were not happy with the idea of her as president; even Barrack Obama expressed his reservations in private. Put a fork in her was the sentiment of those at the top.

What they did not say.

Someone in the DNC leaked the emails to Julian Assange who published them on social media. The goal was to expose Hilary Clinton and end her quest for the presidency. Why else would they do it? So they were happy to throw the election to Trump after which they led an open war against him for four years before drumming him out. This leak was a plot hatched and carried out by those in the upper echelons of the DNC.

Here’s a hint; it was not Seth Rick he was the fall guy.

Trump was marked as a Pied Piper candidate but that could not be; because clearly, he was not the one playing the flute, but someone was.

Seth Rick was reportedly gunned down from behind, while walking home, by someone in a moving vehicle, in an upper DC suburb in the early hours of the morning. Botched robbery? Not likely, more like a hit!

What role did Julian Assange play is the number one question.

His story of how he obtained the emails is contradictory; he backed up the official story on the one hand then suggested his contact may have been Seth Rick; but then again not. He toyed and played a game of silly buggers.

By the virtue of who he is it is difficult to pin him down, so, civil spy or mocking bird working with who knows who? Subpoena him.

Seth Rick was a scapegoat in the whole affair, a cover for both the DNC and Assange; targeted to take the heat off the both of them; dead men don’t tell tales nor can they affirm or deny a story.

Maybe there is still hope of getting to the bottom of this.

At the end of last year a British High court ruled Julian Assange can be extradited to the US. Assange has begun the process of an appeal but the high court has reserved the right to decide if they will hear it.

Durham is sure to be keeping tabs on the situation. Let’s hope.



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