All Enemies Foreign and Domestic

Ann Carriage
2 min readJan 29, 2021


We hear all the time about America’s domestic enemies but what about its foreign enemies; you know the number one threat they swore to defend their country against in the constitution.

Okay so there’s no apparent external threat on the horizon right now but that doesn’t mean there’s no threat at all; does it?

Have the enemies outside US borders been placated with the election of globalist kingpin Joe Biden, or is it just all hype.

It looks like the new administration has its hands full and is too preoccupied with more pressing matters, like taking care of those crazy local uns once and for all to care.

Just twenty years ago the terrorists were swarthy foreigners with weird names, customs and a bizarre political ideology, how things have changed.

You have to wonder though if domestic tensions in the US are being stoked from the outside at the same time the voices of the extreme left and extreme right are being amplified.

Destabilization is a revolutionary tactic to weaken a country and of course there’s the American left who support this type of thing; or just maybe they are puppets on the strings of foreign entities.

While the Military Industrial Complex and its warmonger allies lick their chops at the thought of more foreign wars after a four year hiatus; the American Empire seems vulnerable just now.

Will they be able to handle a war on two fronts; to counteract threats at home and from abroad at the same time, or will the country risk over extending itself?

You probably know the answer; they’ll likely bite off more than they can chew.

America’s dominance in the world is not assured in the future by any means, nothing is, because like the old saying goes; the times they are a’ changing and they probably changing a lot faster than we realize.

Its possible regional powers or trade blocks will be the new spheres of global influence in a post liberal New World Order.

Europe has changed considerably since the mid-eighties and again since the establishment of the European Union, the liberal world order of 1945 no longer exists, old alliances have been exchanged for new ones, the world is a different place.

Lone superpowers are out on a limb when the world has moved on, and globalism notwithstanding, this is the reality.

Is a demotion of sorts on the cards for the US down the line?

If not, just what is the future of the world’s policeman.



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