Alert; the UN Unveils its Bizarre Statue.

If there is a foreboding shape of things to come the United Nations new statue is sure to be it. What to say except that life has a weird way of imitating art and it’s not only in the movies.

Symbols come in many forms and are widely used to convey a message, so they are good pointers of what to expect; but we have to pay attention too. These are powerful tools as they demonstrate the thinking of the people behind them; and show just where they- and we- stand.

The statue by the name of ‘a Guardian of International Peace and Security’ now sits on the Visitor’s Plaza outside UN Headquarters in New York City.

This piece of craft makes for a strange combo. It is a jaguar with eagles’ wings and what looks like a serpent’s tail, a gift they say from the Mexican government; either that or they were commissioned to produce it.

The tail is not clearly visible in the above picture; so take a look on the UN website.

There’s that scripture that says something to the effect that when they cry peace and safety, war will hit, or more ominously sudden destruction comes. 1 Thessalonians 5:3 (KJB)

There are other prophecies s as well; Daniel 2, 4 and 7, Revelation 12 and 13, Isaiah 6 and more.

Scary-looking hybrid beasts figure prominently in end times Bible prophecy; I remember a leopard features somewhere as well. Oh right, in the fourth and final empire of the last days.

By the looks of things 2022 is going to be a quite the year ……a real humdinger ……if you get my drift?

So this leopard type creature represents as they say The New World Order.

Next question, do these people take a leaf out of the prophecy copy book; you just have to wonder?

I’d say yes, it certainly looks this way. Call it what it is; hubris.




I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous

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Cheryl Ann

Cheryl Ann

I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous

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