A Time bomb is About to Blow.

Ann Carriage
4 min readFeb 7, 2024

This time bomb is called mass migration slash immigration and no matter how many times Dems scream don’t look nothing to see here, more and more folk on their side of the fence are calling it what it is; a huge problem.

Meanwhile the more vacuous and treacherous salivate at the prospect of all those votes coming their way in November. Aah the prisms of ecstasy at the thought.

One liberal columnist worked himself into a fit of pique over Republicans trying what he called; to leverage border security against Ukraine. In his view Ukraine was a hallowed moral imperative; border security was not.

The next thing we know there is this bi-partisan new border security bill which does just that. Provides leverage I mean. It ties the bill to more aid for both Ukraine and Israel while it manages to slip in yet more migration and make immigration easier than ever. Work this one out. There is very little border security here at all.

Rhinos in the senate are seeing this one trashed; it comes with the proviso to accept a high number of migrants per day. It is a bad compromise, a betrayal say critics. It is nothing but an open border bill. Twenty senate Republicans have rejected it so far but the jury is still out. You can read the details of the bill in the link below.

African Americans are now expressing their concerns over the migrant passage problem as well and suggest maybe it is time to switch their vote to Trump; or flip some blue states red.

Then there is the rising crime involving illegals that no one is supposed to talk about. At least the MSM won’t.

There is no denying more voices are being raised than ever before warning of the dangers of mass migration; the topic is aired now wherever you look. Something has to give as they say. Things could get ugly really quickly.

How bad is it when even Dr Phil shows up at the border to take a look for himself? He calls it a humanitarian crisis; and says it’s unlike anything we have ever seen before. You don’t reward bad behaviour; it is a morale problem. Though he admits there is an agenda. These groups know to hide from the guys in brown, border patrol, but run towards those in green, the Federal guys. Well what does anyone expect? They get money, a court date for an immigration hearing after which they released inside of the country.

Besides this administration being all for packing them in, another thing that stands out is the sheer level of corruption. It also proves there is a secret government lurking in the shadows. These forces operate independently and have their own chain of command. Yet they co-opt government and the like into doing their dirty work for them. Let me give you an example.

An undercover investigator reveals some sit- up- and- take notice info on his platform; and on social media.

The Red Cross is facilitating illegal immigration, what; yes you heard that right. More than this they are paid for it by the Department of Homeland Security and out of the FEMA budget? You do realize what this means? They get to bypass Congress this way as the condition is their approval is needed first of all.

The Red Cross even provide migrants with maps and travel guides so says someone else. What about the notorious Doctors without Borders? When an org tells you what they are believe them. And it’s the same for those big Catholic charities who exist to make even more money off their scams. And the winners are; the bishops who administer these charities. It is what they paid to do.

Back to the Red Cross who we told transports illegals from all over to these hidden, migrant settlements, where they wait for the NGO’s to arrive. Once their job is done they leave to rinse and repeat.

Here is a developing story with the lowdown, names, places that type of thing.

We have followed the trail of the migrant vans right to their source. One settlement is located in the Arizona town of Nogales, the other in Drexel in Tucson. The first is inside an old bank building the second at an Alitas facility. Yes another NGO is involved, this time a new one called Alitas Angels and there no tax records for them on file.

We were confronted by rude and suspicious NGO workers who called the police on us. A volunteer from American Red Cross who would not give his name tried to prevent us from filming.

It appears this group is part of a shadowy cabal of non- profits that is hard at work funding the mass migration to the US. The funders come first then the foot soldiers and that is the way it is.

We can’t ignore the role played by the biggest NGO of them all, the UN either. There is bound to be a link hiding in plain sight. What about big Dem Party leaders and their influential lobbyists? They feature in this too and you better believe it.

What about this tasty titbit right out of the mouths of the MSM. Do you know residents who don’t have US citizenship will now qualify to vote in local elections? That’s right; in this year’s elections in all sanctuary cities.

And what is the basis for this; well look no further than the Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2022.

How much bet they are pushing for the right for non- citizens to vote in federal elections too as we speak.

And there you have it.

This is the reason they pushed so hard for this invasion.



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