A Global Leader Waits in the Wings

To judge the level of international support for any Head of State pay attention to the recognition they receive from an assortment of top global leaders, envision them playing a prominent role on the world stage, ask yourself if there signposts this is the man of the hour, so it is with French President Emmanuel Macron.

In the wake of the pandemic one thing’s for sure, rumors of the premature demise of the European Union are greatly exaggerated but nonetheless Angela Merkel’s pending exit leaves a vacuum which Macron is poised to fill, there literally no other takers.

France was joint partner with Germany in European affairs up till fairly recently as it expanded its influence quietly behind the scenes, both inside and outside the E.U.

But the relationship between Merkel and Macron got decidedly frosty at the beginning of the year when Macron vented his dissatisfaction over Germany’s reluctance to budget for an E.U. army in line with his lofty ambitions.

Yes, I’m impatient and frustrated this complex, dapper man told reporters.

Now the pandemic and the spin-off economic crisis, and possibly the fallout from a decision to end the world financial system, aka Grand Ponzi scheme, means the global challenges are coming thick and fast.

Global crises require global solutions and who better to lead the way than kingpin globalist politician, Emmanuel Macron.

Have you noticed he’s suddenly everywhere connecting and consulting at the highest levels?

That didn’t take long

On the 24 of this month the United Nations unveiled its Convid-19 Global Vaccination Response Team headed by Emmanuel Macron and Melinda Gates, wife of I.T. billionaire cum philanthropist, Bill Gates, whose foundation reportedly obtained the patent on the Corona-virus in 2018.

Who knows how this even works but the implication is in itself mind boggling ……….

It gets better — or if you prefer ……..worse

The French President received the blessing of Pope Francis via a video link, most likely for his new role as global leader, as well as the pontiff’s full backing to reset the global economy says a source.

BFM TV said there was wide agreement between the pair about the need to reduce the debt of the poorest countries, a truce in International conflicts and a united Europe.

Hello again European Union.

That President Macron gained the practically unanimous support of the United Nations Security Council for his endeavors speaks volumes as it’s no easy feat.

And It Accelerates

It all intensifies with the news Emmanuel Macron and Bill Gates held a virtual meeting to mobilize G7 and G20 nations Covid-19 response teams.

The World Health Organization has launched similar initiatives with a noticeably absent U.S. president Donald Trump.

Europe re-imagined

Emmanuel Macron has some bold ideas on how the European Union should operate and so far he’s managed to give us some clues about the European renaissance he imagines.

With European Parliamentary elections due next month in May the way forward will become clearer.

He wants to re-open treaties after the elections to focus on tackling migration and security challenges for starters, establishing a European Council for Internal Security towards this end.

He’s also keen to establish a European Security Council to collectively make military decisions for E.U. members including Britain, despite Brexit.

This all shows the American Liberal World Order established after WW2 is on the wane, as is its influence.

With globalization a new world order is rising, one that rejects the idea of a superpower cum world policeman which means the U.S. has to get behind the plan or face increasing isolation.

But they too preoccupied with their internal strife to notice every things turning………….



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