A Female Obama To Take Office in 2020!

It is certainly something to think about, will the U. S. have a female president in 2020, or how about a female socialist president?

Accusations and handwringing by members of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) about the lack of minority representation at its top echelons led to the abrupt resignation of Executive Director Allison Jaslow and other top aides just last month.

This flurry of resignations at senior level suggests they were forced to vacate their positions to make way for the winds of change.

Jaslow, who is white, had this to say in a revealing tweet:

……sometimes selfless service means having the courage to take a bow for the sake of the mission — especially when the stakes are so high.

The timing of this coupled with other factors means we should examine the possibility of a female president, particularly a woman of color, in a more critical light.

In November’s midterms, Democratic women led the charge by electing 89 female House members — up from 62 — resulting in Democrats winning control of the chamber and installing a female speaker of the House.

By comparison, Republicans elected only 13 female House members, down from 23 seats.

Now in a report, a senior analysist from a reputable independent research group, Bill Shaw, is betting on a Democratic socialist female president in 2020, weighing in with his studies.

He speaks of a force that will ignite the biggest social movement in history, like the Labor movement of the ‘30’s or the Civil Rights movement of the ‘60’s, only bigger, the defining challenge of our time mentioned by Barack Obama.

Once we understand what and who is behind it, we’ll see why it will result in the most dramatic Presidential election of our generation.

Membership in the Social Democrats has jumped nearly 500% in just two years, with 43% of Americans regarding socialism good for the country.

Like the man says, when debt is a rich man’s problem its economic, but when debt becomes a major issue for the poor and middle class, a huge percentage of the population, it’s a political problem.

Not to mention the gap between rich and poor rises all the time and despite increased productive input by the working class across all ranks, wages haven’t kept pace, with many living from paycheck to paycheck.

Shaw trots out statistics like the wealth gap in America being worse than in places like Rwanda and South Sudan, with 170 000 families owning 20% of the country’s wealth yet the poorest 50% having a negative net worth.

It’s a fact that while middle class numbers have dwindled dramatically its no longer possible to break into this group for many.

Shaw says contrary to what many think, the U.S. has a history of socialism, with examples like Jimmy Carter’s introduction of free education in government schools and a heavy progressive or graduated income tax ratified with the 16th amendment.

The most radical election campaign in history

One thing’s for certain, the nominated Democratic presidential candidate will run on the most radical election platform thus far, aimed at the youth in particular.

And it’s the youth who will be turning out in the greatest numbers to cast their vote, with millennials numbers swamping the boomers and that of other generations in 2020.

Medicare for all is expected to increase Government spending by $15 trillion over 10 years, and other plans may include tax hikes on the lean middle class and small businesses, with even savings and investments targeted.

This is on top of an historical $22 trillion government deficit.

You could say a lot of people won’t see the avalanche coming…..

Who will be the Democratic President Elect?

This is the million dollar question.

Like Obama, Kamala Harris is a lawyer of mixed race descent, her father is Jamaican, her mother Indian, on top of which they are both immigrants.

Her campaign slogan “For the People” is bound to connect with supporters and dovetails nicely with a socialist agenda.

Strangely enough in 2015, while she was still the Attorney General and before winning a seat in the Senate, The Washington Post wrote an article titled ‘Is Kamala Harris the next Obama’.

Mirroring Obama, she is running for president after serving only two years in the upper chamber and Harris has followed his political playbook to the T.

Finding Backing

Presidential candidates need the support of not only voters but powerful party slash financial backers who endorse and promote their candidacy like that which contributed to Obama’s meteoric rise.

Political pundits have named Obama, the 2008 change agent, as the Democratic Party’s kingmaker in 2020 which comes as no surprise.

If Harris wins the Democratic party presidential nomination she’ll be up against Trump which may be to her advantage in a nation polarized to the hilt, rapidly becoming more mixed race and progressively left, or should that be socialist.

So how socialist is Kamala Harris really?

Word has it she supports one of Bernie Sanders core programs, well she can’t get more left than that.



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